Are you new to mindfulness practices and wish to learn them in a personalized and targeted way?

Do you want the exercises to be tailored to your specific concerns & interests?

Do you want to learn mindfulness practices and prefer to choose a convenient meeting time that fits your calendar?

Are you looking for someone that can help provide structure and accountability to your existing practice?

I offer one-on-one mindfulness facilitation and coaching to clients. In these sessions, we work together to identify what your goals are for your mindfulness practice and develop a program that supports your intention, willingness, and existing challenges.

There is no “average” session since each one is tailored to the client’s concerns & interests but some basic elements of a 60-minute session include a combination of a grounding meditation, a check-in, inquiry questions to provide context and anchoring in what is arising in the present moment, and discussion around how to proceed with home practice outside of the session.

Mindfulness practices are transformational and individualized coaching in these practices can be the linchpin of ensuring that these practices become integrated into your daily life exactly as it is.

Currently, these sessions are offered via video teleconferencing technology such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype, providing you the flexibility to connect from anywhere.

If interested, please contact me at [email protected] so that we can coordinate an initial meeting.